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If only it was as easy as not reacting no negativity for no activity will bother me easier said than done to avoid the proximity of any and all trigger situations they're everywhere....I try not to care IGNORE IT, focus on me but you breathing my air & it's not fair, say something mean, I dare you MF, prayer not tired of being mad all the time, such a fuckin' crime...why do I get so upset SHIT hate me a little bit, trying to quit being me & get rid of all this grit I'm in such a pit don't understand, I really wanna dig myself out but I get so angry I wanna scream and SHOUT, rudeness & inconsideration is not what I'm about, but all living things that exist I tend to doubt...It's definitely a chemical imbalance yes I need meds, tired of talking to  & fighting myself shit, my sanity hanging on by threads thin ass shredding ass threads for real it's a big fucking deal being inpatient & angry not able to control how I feel...taking so long to heal from confrontation or worse, hesitation to say what I think due to so many sensitive ass mothafuckas out there, try not to stare or judge...home,work,everywhere FUCK YOU😒 and all you do to disturb me but it's not hard cus I am a loose cannon about to blow up for that psycho cup is almost full yup... Gotta lose this personality trait, for it isn't the real.... me being alert and aware is key, a happy spree rub it off shake it off sip my tea and let life be✌

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