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  1. a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.

Oh to give or receive inspiration??? Which are you? I like both to be honest but nothing like self-motivation. Inspire to be great w/o hate never late with only positive reaction no traction or negativity creating & passing on positive activity. Influence others with a simple gesture, such as a smile, will go a mile all the while brightening someone’s day. Breathe, receive kindness blocking all haters praising traitors, for everyone has an opinion. Inspire to live life woke even though you’re broke, and life’s not a joke, into that tub of happiness I will soak. Inspire to pay-it-forward leaping toward the bigger picture. Inspire to help or be nice to a stranger, for there is no danger in a kind word or two. Word of the day, word of the week, word of life should be INSPIRE…..

Iinfluence or get influenced

Nnever say never and try something new

Sspeak your mind, life is short

Ppace yourself, every step in life is not a race

Iinclude family, they matter

RRejoice in every moment/second of happiness

Eeducate yourself on everything that interest you


forgive me for my many sins especially the ones beyond my control hiding in the bins in the closet underneath my thick skin covering them up with a grin oh how painful is that smile Jesus number I try to dial but no answer shit sins eating my insides like cancer so here we go….

FORGIVE me for my temper, this raging anger and frustration leaves me fighting buildups

FORGIVE me for judging others like I’m perfect for my life has had and still has many hiccups

FORGIVE me for my vices(drinking and one-night stands) they bring me no pleasure in the end

FORGIVE me for hate running through my veins LOVE is so much easier to send

FORGIVE me for not pursuing my purpose, living life, and leading by example any good I’ve done thus far is just a small sample of something bigger with my hand on the trigger portraying a new vigor

…and now I’ll forgive myself for merely existing in life resisting success insisting on dullness & boredom, I’m oh so woke now so watch out for the brand new me👼🏾

why ask why

why would they? how dare they? who/what are they? when should they? there's such a need, especially in 2022, to question everyone- what's done is done- move on to your main focus,yourself,let's mind our business well I'll mind my own concentrating on my purpose, shit I'll stop questioning my own self as well like always asking, why am I here? no one knows Angel but you're here so be present take the hint don't squint open your eyes and smile at your fellow americans🙋🏾‍♀️ why am I so angry? "cheer up" hate when others say that but I do need to act brand new & content with life no matter what I'm going through why are you driving so slow? anything can be going on in the car in front of you, in the mind of the driver, but what? none of my business right just focus on my driving on my mood locating my zen up with my chin stressing less who's car is that parked on the street? don't worry about it, not in your driveway, not blocking your driveway, and you don't own or control street parking why are you so loud? tune it out girl, get mad for what you're good at ignoring so put that military training in action giving ignorance no traction to bother your soul because happiness is the the moral of the story is---it's unnecessary to question the actions and appearance of others for there is a reason why they look like they do hell act like they do-we're all different, who knew🤷🏾‍♂️I'll stop the why & start reflecting instead of  projecting-embrace not disgrace- respect over neglect(people's feelings) why ask why? DON'T 


If only it was as easy as not reacting no negativity for no activity will bother me easier said than done to avoid the proximity of any and all trigger situations they're everywhere....I try not to care IGNORE IT, focus on me but you breathing my air & it's not fair, say something mean, I dare you MF, prayer not tired of being mad all the time, such a fuckin' crime...why do I get so upset SHIT hate me a little bit, trying to quit being me & get rid of all this grit I'm in such a pit don't understand, I really wanna dig myself out but I get so angry I wanna scream and SHOUT, rudeness & inconsideration is not what I'm about, but all living things that exist I tend to doubt...It's definitely a chemical imbalance yes I need meds, tired of talking to  & fighting myself shit, my sanity hanging on by threads thin ass shredding ass threads for real it's a big fucking deal being inpatient & angry not able to control how I feel...taking so long to heal from confrontation or worse, hesitation to say what I think due to so many sensitive ass mothafuckas out there, try not to stare or judge...home,work,everywhere FUCK YOU😒 and all you do to disturb me but it's not hard cus I am a loose cannon about to blow up for that psycho cup is almost full yup... Gotta lose this personality trait, for it isn't the real.... me being alert and aware is key, a happy spree rub it off shake it off sip my tea and let life be✌


H2o Chemical Symbol High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy
Oxygen hydride, my favorite compound having many uses and I can't imagine my life without it
The clear, odorless, tasteless, clean, and refreshing wonder from down under yes yes...transfer to and through the pipes into my shower to rinse me from head to toe
So invigorating, relaxing, cooling, stimulating no matter the flow
Or just fill my happy place as I'll enhance you with lavender and soap
Not that you need help melting away my stress, for your pure existence is dope
You're my favorite drink, washing out bacteria and cleansing me throughout
You quench my thirst sending good chills through my body-top drink in my book without a doubt
I'll boil you and dip in my favorite tea or mix in some coffee
your only downside is my need to consume a lot at once making me pee
How about when you pour down in the form of rain relaxing me from head to toe melting away the pain it's insane how much I love you please don't go away ever shit can't imagine a drought and those without the presence of you I'm stuck on you like glue Many have no clue of your overwhelming power Need you at the top of every hour for you complete me WATER WATER WATER you fill my mind body and soul with glee 🙏


We all have it, yet very few use it even the book-smart college bound folk forget
Do we really have to be raised that way to use this very important practical manner
I hate how much it bothers me, try to ignore but my frustration reads on my face like a huge banner
For GOD sake people, use your better judgement...can't be that dam hard to tell what's rude
ex....rushing past me as I walk making contact, for that's a potential feud..."Excuse me" is in order BEFORE you make contact, not after, you ignorant fuck
Get off my heels bitch & out of my personal space as I wait in line
Stop screaming across the room you dumb troll, walk your lazy ass to the person you're talking to
Why is your phone on speaker in public? I don't wanna hear your ghetto ass conversation...we need to come together and show appreciation for one another as a mothafuckin' nation
Hold doors, say thank you, smile & greet one another in the moment RIGHT NOW
If we can just be polite, considerate, aware, & friendly-you already know how---follow Nike's slogan and JUST DO IT 
This includes the elimination of road rage, somewhere I definitely need to improve
Safely pass, stay off my bumper, let others yield shit slow down or into the other lane you move
It's the USA, we are all free
Free to choose happiness, to bless others, not hate
Life for sure as we all know is too short, so start now before it's too late🙌💕💕💕


I'd kill to be the one living without worry, unnecessary stress, or fear-shit I fear it all having all the dam phobias and schizophrenia is near...heights, fire, wild animals, bugs, closed spaces, and blood-anxiety order to the max wanting it to all go away and avoid that flood...that flood of concern and giving a fuck, I want to not care at all but I feel as though I'm stuck...stuck in a rut filled with bad dreams, those dam nightmares don't stop-why do I remember every stupid dream and what does it mean, I'm dying to die I'll never be on top...I'm not in control, hallucinations are real without illegal drugs-those thoughts of being attacked, bitten, or severely crippled I wish come with plugs...too many stairs my knees are getting weak don't look out the window, the elevator is worse you're standing too close, stop staring I got to go...this shower too hot, GOD bless our burned victims for I couldn't imagine what you're going through-all these what ifs and uncertainties are making me blue...You fuckin' raccoons what is your purpose??? I mean, why do you have hands? unrealistic animal with your glowing eyes blocking the dumpster taking a stance...spiders and bats, I mean really what for, hated you now, then, and forever more...I fear knives or any sharp object struggling to cut my veggies to cook, scared to get cut, pouring blood got me shook...Avoid this, prevent that, hate this, don't want that- ugh free me from this unwanted trouble, release me from drowning in this lonely ass bubble...


All I wanna do is:

F…I wanna fornicate, so educate me on your favorite positions, let me fondle all your naughty parts as your pleasure becomes my mission…I need to fascinate you with my tongue going over every inch, I feel you shake with excitement trying not to flinch…I wish to feel your body pressed against mine, I need that friction back and forth together we start to whine…I hunger to find your G-spot and you’ll do the same for me, “Don’t stop” “Right there” you plea…I’m longing to fold in your arms and sleep the night away, tomorrow we’ll wake up and continue our play

U….Please unleash the horny, sensual, flexible beast inside, keep me on top while I weaken your knees as you soften with the sheets just as I ride…I seek to undergo a transformation when we meet in the bedroom, start my engine baby vroom vroom vroom…grant me permission to undo all the shit the last bitch taught you, contrary to your beliefs and history, that ordinary and stationary position just won’t do…I don’t discriminate either- give me the unemployed, uneducated, unfortunate, unhappy, uniform mofo any day come on and unite with me and live in this moment, I just wanna screw shit haven’t you caught the hint

C….It’s cool if we just cuddle, watch a movie and chill, sense of touch can definitely comfort the thrill…I want to hold the card you struggle to figure out, each day I’ll bring something new, exciting, and intriguing no doubt…I desire to be the center of attention in the bedroom because I’m happier to receive, I’ll eat that forbidden fruit baby content to be your Eve

K….I aim to kill any thoughts of another when we’re together, I’m Angel dear “SAY MY NAME” not Whitney, Kim, or Heather…I am the key that unlocks that door to your sensation, wants, desires and fantasies, satisfying your every need for sure will be a breeze. Let me kick down that wall of sexual frustration and tension, Sex is not over-rated due to our nature because I love to FUCK in case I forgot to mention💑👩‍❤️‍👩


LORD, if you’re listening, please free me from the evil me & show me how to get out of my own way so I can finally become the woman you expected me to be… free me from my past- I want to, no I NEED to, let it go-it happened-I reacted-it’s over right?? Enough of the tantrums and rants I throw…Free me from my anger and hatred for 90% of the population-I’m itching for the ability to accept the things and folks I simply can not control no matter the relation….Free me from my overpowering fears and my constant need to worry-I feel so blessed, yet I still feel like my path to happiness needs to hurry…Free me from this overwhelming anxiety, bad health, and stress-that’s 3-in-1, but they all go together causing such harm to myself & those I love leaving a big mess…I know I’m asking a lot, so just relief from 1 would be enough because continuing to live in this world as it is and as I am will be oh so tough🙏


We stand tall with our heads held high confident without shame, for we will always adapt leaving our stamp as you’ll FOREVER remember our name- well, my name for sure….I am decisive@work😉, respectful, considerate, appreciative while using my common sense-all while battling patience with all those contradictory to my beliefs refraining from being too dense…True introverts, yes yes for life is more peaceful and predictable at home-I am Queen, dictator, president, CEO, prime minister, and so on and so on in my dome…I don’t know about my fellow comrades, but I like to be and I am often always right, keeping my dreams, expectations, desires, and obligations all in sight….Routine is boring because I am more than that, not spontaneous though, so to those who are, I tip my hat

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hat-tip-1.jpg

Independent and enjoying the life of freedom of expression, freedom of information(GOOGLE advocate), freedom of assembly, and freedom to say what the fuck I want- I stand by my every action and what I speak ( I’m just serious) for my words will never haunt me, no regrets, so watch me assert poise, my statements I’ll flaunt in your face without a word because you know the facts are verified so watch me walk away with grace…We think too much, feel too hard, understand too deep perhaps-we’ll always let you know what we want up front without those pesky little hidden traps…We befriend anyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or belief-laugh with ya, cry with ya, agree to disagree with ya with very little grief…Takes very little to make me happy, but even less to piss me the fuck off on any given day, trying to avoid my anger button is like trying to find a needle in the hay or grass or “whatever the fuck ever”, as Denzel put it in Training day, you get my point…You’ll never know what sets me off, but if you respect me, I’ll definitely return the favor-bitch is no one’s favorite flavor, but for that special ignorant someone, we’ll for sure savor in putting you in your place you gets no waiver….Our bad attitude, yet, our “sudden anger” didn’t come out of the sky, you see something/someone set us off into this uncomfortable rage, I love to mingle and enjoy adult conversation but never asked to be put on a stage….hate attention but refuse to hold back any emotion I feel needs to come out in the moment without hint creating a scene in your little mind because you were unaware of the small print…..If I/we are annoyed or depressed, don’t get offended when we shut you out, for I need time to process unwanted/unexpected change, sadness, and rejection- so let me pout….I am GEMINI ♊- often misconceived…Caring, but not giving a fuck—cool, but thinking, “WTF”—- emotional, yet calm..Breezing through life mysterious, I’ll argue my point until you give up, even if facts are on your side, just to prove I AM serious….

❝Gemini is not even slightly interested in or impressed with tradition.❞

― Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs

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