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why ask why

why would they? how dare they? who/what are they? when should they? there's such a need, especially in 2022, to question everyone- what's done is done- move on to your main focus,yourself,let's mind our business well I'll mind my own concentrating on my purpose, shit I'll stop questioning my own self as well like always asking, why am I here? no one knows Angel but you're here so be present take the hint don't squint open your eyes and smile at your fellow americans🙋🏾‍♀️ why am I so angry? "cheer up" hate when others say that but I do need to act brand new & content with life no matter what I'm going through why are you driving so slow? anything can be going on in the car in front of you, in the mind of the driver, but what? none of my business right just focus on my driving on my mood locating my zen up with my chin stressing less who's car is that parked on the street? don't worry about it, not in your driveway, not blocking your driveway, and you don't own or control street parking why are you so loud? tune it out girl, get mad for what you're good at ignoring so put that military training in action giving ignorance no traction to bother your soul because happiness is the the moral of the story is---it's unnecessary to question the actions and appearance of others for there is a reason why they look like they do hell act like they do-we're all different, who knew🤷🏾‍♂️I'll stop the why & start reflecting instead of  projecting-embrace not disgrace- respect over neglect(people's feelings) why ask why? DON'T 

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