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H2o Chemical Symbol High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy
Oxygen hydride, my favorite compound having many uses and I can't imagine my life without it
The clear, odorless, tasteless, clean, and refreshing wonder from down under yes yes...transfer to and through the pipes into my shower to rinse me from head to toe
So invigorating, relaxing, cooling, stimulating no matter the flow
Or just fill my happy place as I'll enhance you with lavender and soap
Not that you need help melting away my stress, for your pure existence is dope
You're my favorite drink, washing out bacteria and cleansing me throughout
You quench my thirst sending good chills through my body-top drink in my book without a doubt
I'll boil you and dip in my favorite tea or mix in some coffee
your only downside is my need to consume a lot at once making me pee
How about when you pour down in the form of rain relaxing me from head to toe melting away the pain it's insane how much I love you please don't go away ever shit can't imagine a drought and those without the presence of you I'm stuck on you like glue Many have no clue of your overwhelming power Need you at the top of every hour for you complete me WATER WATER WATER you fill my mind body and soul with glee 🙏

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