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LORD, if you’re listening, please free me from the evil me & show me how to get out of my own way so I can finally become the woman you expected me to be… free me from my past- I want to, no I NEED to, let it go-it happened-I reacted-it’s over right?? Enough of the tantrums and rants I throw…Free me from my anger and hatred for 90% of the population-I’m itching for the ability to accept the things and folks I simply can not control no matter the relation….Free me from my overpowering fears and my constant need to worry-I feel so blessed, yet I still feel like my path to happiness needs to hurry…Free me from this overwhelming anxiety, bad health, and stress-that’s 3-in-1, but they all go together causing such harm to myself & those I love leaving a big mess…I know I’m asking a lot, so just relief from 1 would be enough because continuing to live in this world as it is and as I am will be oh so tough🙏

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