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We stand tall with our heads held high confident without shame, for we will always adapt leaving our stamp as you’ll FOREVER remember our name- well, my name for sure….I am decisive@work😉, respectful, considerate, appreciative while using my common sense-all while battling patience with all those contradictory to my beliefs refraining from being too dense…True introverts, yes yes for life is more peaceful and predictable at home-I am Queen, dictator, president, CEO, prime minister, and so on and so on in my dome…I don’t know about my fellow comrades, but I like to be and I am often always right, keeping my dreams, expectations, desires, and obligations all in sight….Routine is boring because I am more than that, not spontaneous though, so to those who are, I tip my hat

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Independent and enjoying the life of freedom of expression, freedom of information(GOOGLE advocate), freedom of assembly, and freedom to say what the fuck I want- I stand by my every action and what I speak ( I’m just serious) for my words will never haunt me, no regrets, so watch me assert poise, my statements I’ll flaunt in your face without a word because you know the facts are verified so watch me walk away with grace…We think too much, feel too hard, understand too deep perhaps-we’ll always let you know what we want up front without those pesky little hidden traps…We befriend anyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or belief-laugh with ya, cry with ya, agree to disagree with ya with very little grief…Takes very little to make me happy, but even less to piss me the fuck off on any given day, trying to avoid my anger button is like trying to find a needle in the hay or grass or “whatever the fuck ever”, as Denzel put it in Training day, you get my point…You’ll never know what sets me off, but if you respect me, I’ll definitely return the favor-bitch is no one’s favorite flavor, but for that special ignorant someone, we’ll for sure savor in putting you in your place you gets no waiver….Our bad attitude, yet, our “sudden anger” didn’t come out of the sky, you see something/someone set us off into this uncomfortable rage, I love to mingle and enjoy adult conversation but never asked to be put on a stage….hate attention but refuse to hold back any emotion I feel needs to come out in the moment without hint creating a scene in your little mind because you were unaware of the small print…..If I/we are annoyed or depressed, don’t get offended when we shut you out, for I need time to process unwanted/unexpected change, sadness, and rejection- so let me pout….I am GEMINI ♊- often misconceived…Caring, but not giving a fuck—cool, but thinking, “WTF”—- emotional, yet calm..Breezing through life mysterious, I’ll argue my point until you give up, even if facts are on your side, just to prove I AM serious….

❝Gemini is not even slightly interested in or impressed with tradition.❞

― Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs

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