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All I wanna do is:

F…I wanna fornicate, so educate me on your favorite positions, let me fondle all your naughty parts as your pleasure becomes my mission…I need to fascinate you with my tongue going over every inch, I feel you shake with excitement trying not to flinch…I wish to feel your body pressed against mine, I need that friction back and forth together we start to whine…I hunger to find your G-spot and you’ll do the same for me, “Don’t stop” “Right there” you plea…I’m longing to fold in your arms and sleep the night away, tomorrow we’ll wake up and continue our play

U….Please unleash the horny, sensual, flexible beast inside, keep me on top while I weaken your knees as you soften with the sheets just as I ride…I seek to undergo a transformation when we meet in the bedroom, start my engine baby vroom vroom vroom…grant me permission to undo all the shit the last bitch taught you, contrary to your beliefs and history, that ordinary and stationary position just won’t do…I don’t discriminate either- give me the unemployed, uneducated, unfortunate, unhappy, uniform mofo any day come on and unite with me and live in this moment, I just wanna screw shit haven’t you caught the hint

C….It’s cool if we just cuddle, watch a movie and chill, sense of touch can definitely comfort the thrill…I want to hold the card you struggle to figure out, each day I’ll bring something new, exciting, and intriguing no doubt…I desire to be the center of attention in the bedroom because I’m happier to receive, I’ll eat that forbidden fruit baby content to be your Eve

K….I aim to kill any thoughts of another when we’re together, I’m Angel dear “SAY MY NAME” not Whitney, Kim, or Heather…I am the key that unlocks that door to your sensation, wants, desires and fantasies, satisfying your every need for sure will be a breeze. Let me kick down that wall of sexual frustration and tension, Sex is not over-rated due to our nature because I love to FUCK in case I forgot to mention💑👩‍❤️‍👩

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