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There it goes again, or should I say, “THERE I GO AGAIN”… Time after time, week after week poorly managing my money. I haven’t a dime put away for that sunny, relaxing, and breezy vacation day honey. It goes so fast gotta pay the bills first, right? Or skip a payment here and there to keep my appearance tight. I mean, I’m really not materialistic, but my spending habits are shameful because I am TOO DAM GROWN. Too mature to not have an emergency fund AND savings account, with a blink of the eye my money gets blown. I can survive paying the norm, you know…rent, utilities, internet, medical bills, car+insurance+gas, and food, but those other unnecessary bills I obtained carelessly puts me in a bad mood. Major credit cards, store credit cards, and big purchase loans, OH MY😨I was at a really good credit score accepting every card approved for enjoying the high. I was proudly keeping up with the payments about 2 years straight until I moved. I moved to a place paying $200 more in rent, but the space & neighbors drastically improved. I was somewhat still managing until my department shut down. I changed departments causing a pay-cut. The huge difference in pay, along with higher Duke bills brought an unwanted discomfort in my gut. Shit, I need a part-time gig to support my alcoholism, yearly vacations, and any needed support for my adult child. However, no matter how much I make, I seem to always spend it before I get it dispersing wild. So, back to the dirt, beneath it, goes my credit score. I’ll pay what I can, when I can irresponsible no more. I wish not to neglect my obligation to pay my debts, for they are mine. Avoidable waste of funds has to end & those future luxuries I’ll have to decline. There’s a song, well 2 songs, for my financial woes that I enjoy often on my playlist. “Struggle No More”, by Anthony Hamilton feat. Jaheim & I’m singing along pumping my fist.

..."Lately it's been hard times
I'm talking about the financial side
And they say when it rain it pours
Well, it's flooded at my door
If it ain't one thang, one thang it's another"...Lyrics by Anthony Hamilton

My other song is Lyfe Jennings, “Radio” because that song definitely pushes my stress aside. Those bills ain’t going no where, so for now, let ’em ride…

...."But when my song comes on the radio
I forget all my troubles
And for one moment I'm not there at all
No matter where in my life I am that's my jam"...Lyrics by Lyfe Jennings

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