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No awkwardness, sparkling, or appealing interaction when we met- it was no big deal. You’re just a co-worker, associate, not even a friend, so at most we’ll chat on break over our midday meal. Time passed & something happened-something fresh & unseen, rather forgotten(politeness, respect, and chivalry) that caught my eye. You’re so delightfully stunning inside & out my dear. How did I miss that prototypical frame & my favorite color beaming through your lenses remarkably clear. Can’t forget that smile, with those pearly whites inviting me in. I accept😊 and join you for our usual pleasant conversation wondering where you’ve been🤔Where oh where were you when I was younger, happily & eagerly looking for love?- if only I knew you. Not that I could’ve had you, but I would’ve positively flirted nonstop, w/o harassment of course😉, giving you a more alluring view. That voice declares my attention in that perfectly mellowed tone- I’m actually listening to your every word. Any, and all background noise fade becoming ideally distant and rightfully blurred. I’m in such an angry mood at the start of my workday until you arrive like my knight; You save me from the customary boring ignorance currently in my sight. I wish to be around your every breath all the time like a dolphin needing seawater. Your presence sends lovely sensations throughout my body making me invisibly hotter & hotter😳So hot closing in on a couple of bodily fluids exiting like lava from a volcano. My saliva is building up watching your lips move & of course that other liquid down there combining with my urine-WOO, interrupt that flow. To the ladies’ room I sprint to cool the fuck off, for I am not at home. I can’t have you though, unless you’ll have me should you become single- Until then, I’ll let my mind blissfully roam😘😘😘

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