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Here ye, here ye, bow to the Queen that is me as I stand before you with my head held high you see. Watch me float confidently about these streets. I’ll maintain that smile you love cranking my beats. Although I’m unique, I’m not the only 1 that exist, but you best believe I’m on the top of the list. The list of the quiet, extraordinary, calm, & poised; Not your average, controlling, needy, or jealous type of mate, so I’ll for sure be missed. I’ll give you a friendly grin as if nothing could be wrong…Composing myself as I speak while giving you assurance, because I’m just that strong. You’ll never see or hear the pain held within that I’ve carried for so long….Keep moving, fighting, and swiping through those bushes of life while humming my fave song. I’ll play with the kids, cook, clean, & still make time to chill….Give me a hot bath with smooth jazz playin’, a shot of vodka, and I’ll sit oh so still. Relax, yes, unwind forgetting any sadness I will….Will not trip, dwell, or worry about people and things beyond my control, only keeping it real. I do it all- DO IT ALL all the time….Sick at work, can’t take off -got bills to pay and that’s no crime. Children come 1st, so those walls to support them aren’t so hard to climb. I feel no pain when those I love are content. It’s not always about me even when in extreme need to vent. I am a WOMAN👩‍🦱 that can do anything I set my made-up mind to do. Uh huh, I will always remain true to me through the blue, the black, & red never acting brand new💋

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