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I hate life and life hate me-why can’t the devil just let me be…Get out my spirit and mind, better yet, STAY, I’ll leave, for good this time you’ll see-Lord, free me from this room filled with sorrow and doubt-for I need the energy and belief to figure it out- “it” being my purpose or the pathway to my happiness…Happiness is a choice blah blah fucking blah-Why can’t I see that I am already truly blessed???? The devil has slowly stripped my sight little by little making what I genuinely desire a blur-NO MORE- I will not let you completely blind me, so I’ll be running through and past that slur, that negativity…I’m done worshiping you, following you like a lost soul-Greatness and success is in my sights now, the ultimate goal…Done holding myself back, done being a pessimist, and so long to being shallow, anxious, and tense-Giving my mind, body, and soul a much-needed rinse looking on the bright side, the right side, the worry-not side because I dam sure got through that damaging, powerful, strength-testing tide…The storms are in the past so watch me live in the moment, appreciate the moment, sit back and view the moment, listen to the moment, and be happy in the very moment because I am here….I am here able to breathe on my own, speak on my own, walk on my own, and live on my own-Time to show just why I made it this far in life because there is a reason soon to be known-not just to me but to anyone in my life. Look out world- I ain’t acting brand new, presenting my hidden brand is honestly long overdue😉

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