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There’s absolutely no place like home where no one else is. No quiz when I walk through the door, not your biz so so cool staying a Ms.. Be someone Mrs. for what? Kiss my butt; they won’t understand me as I’m always in a rut. Talk it out, nah walk it out cus I’m walking away from everything that bothers my inner core angering me. I’ll flee, stay true to me; Oh how I adore being free, because my happiness is all I see. You hear my plea? Of course you didn’t, that’s the key. The key to REAL communication, so LISTEN 1, 2, 3. Ready? NO YOU’RE NOT. So consumed in your own thought, I get it so I ought to not judge. I care about me too, but there’s room to budge me if you have the desire to know me ,feel me with a little nudge. I’ll allow some company every now and then. Let’s talk sports, sex, or music to list a few topics that releases a grin. Let’s keep this convo short & sweet. A couple of compliments/statements shall do it after we meet & greet, then glide away with a smile so sweet. But, I can go all day w/o spraying a single word. Just let me daydream, for I love to fantasize you heard. Others let me down so deeply going to town on my feelings, my pride, just kicking my heart around. I wear it on my sleeve, so she’s exposed. I’m ready to achieve that peace at all cost, so leave me alone to grieve. Silence is bliss, as enjoyable as a soft kiss. The noise and all that chatter I do not miss. I try and try to join the crowd, but the crowd is crowded & stuffy full of fake, weak, passive, & ignorant fucks. Folks with no guts and life for sure sucks when I’m around them. I envision them being run over with trucks.You are nowhere near my level, you insensitive, inconsiderate, rude ass devil. May Karma grab you by the neck, choking you as I stand near to revel. Revel at the deserved justice you receive; Dam, I’m off topic. Wow, there goes that anger, let it go, watch it blend with the wind Angel. Thats a stranger, a stranger that upset you. Don’t allow it to brew-get it away from your mind- unscrew it from your senses. Burn that intermediate logic that reminds you why you are YOU. I accept being reserved, NOT SHY. I am an undeniable Loner & to that I’ll stay true.

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