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Lyrical Melody

Lyfe Jennings said it best as he sang, "But when my song come on 
the radio, I forget all my troubles" preach that shit
He is definitely one of my "go to" artist I listen to when 
I'm having a fit
What is life w/o it, for it brings me joy as it vibrates 
through my soul
I need it like an addict need drugs, alcohol, or sex because 
it makes me whole
Whitney Houston, may you rest in peace as you will 
always be the best
The best singer, in my mind, with that effortless amazing sound 
flowing out your mouth with zest
35 years since your debut album dropped, I was only 7 but 
I remember later having that tape
An album that produced 3 NO. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hits, 
"Saving all my love" was my favorite; You are my escape
I love your music, miss you, wish I could've seen you in concert 
before you passed on
I will always love & remember you in a positive light because 
a great singer and actress is gone
Enough about the princess of soul, I'm sure I made who my 
favorite singer is very clear
I also admire her godmother, that's right, the queen herself, 
Aretha Franklin dear
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. will always be a hit, but, "I never loved a man
(the way I love you)" keeps me singing all day
I play that, no correction, I blast that "Dr. Feelgood" 
and fantasize hey hey hey
Hey DJ? Let me hear, "Radio" by Musiq Soulchild & I'll sing 
with him as he sings, "Whatever I like, I put it on my radio"
I love a variety of it whether sang by male, female, or a group 
just let it flow
Play it when I work out, sulk, need inspiration, rant, & fuck
Ladies & gentlemen, I present music and all the power it holds 
cus you know w/o it, life would surely suck♫♫♫

I’ve included links to the songs mentioned above. Great songs to listen to for the 1st time or again and again if you’re familiar☺

One thought on “Lyrical Melody

  1. Well said music gets us in a better mood,makes ya feel good and calm and relaxed no matter what’s going on around.I may not agree with your favs but hey we all have our fav.🤷‍♀️


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