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So I just woke up from a bad night lacking much needed sleep
Coffee or tea? I'm so tense & cranky, don't work 2day 
but appointments 2 keep
Ugh, I need a fix 2 help me face the world; a beer won't hurt 
even though it's early
Beer is so not an appropriate drink 4 a lady, for it goes straight 
2 my belly making me burly*
But it's the perfect high still allowing me 2 think & speak 
with a clear mind
Coffee is overrated & makes me irritable shit I need to unwind
Can't drink just 1 though...need to maintain this high
I'll have 1 per hour, don't 4get 1 for the road or I may die
It's all I think about wherever I am, can't keep it in stock
Lady Vodka I need U, crave U, yearn 4 U around the clock
Madam Rum, it's been a while I know my oh so loyal queen
Crave that calm U give cus they pissed me off at work, dam madam 
you taste so clean
Yes, I like it straight every time, hold the ice warm or cold
Any time of day, any mood, alone or not, the poison never gets old
Mr. Jameson, I'm sad & questioning my purpose in life
Won't you help me sir 2 block that pain as it stabs at me with a 
dull ass knife
You cleanse my soul, silence my inner self & tickle my spirit
Can't shut down my brain without U, so many fears and frustrations 
so it's up 2 U to clear it
Another night I spend tossing & turning, can't take it anymore
Young Absolute to the rescue, avoiding you is such a fucking chore
Yup, it's true I'm addicted to it can't hide nor disguise the truth
I'm indeed an alcoholic, an admission without any resolve, as it 
slowly kills my youth

*Burly means large in bodily size according to the online dictionary.

One thought on “ENSLAVEMENT

  1. Nice,we all struggle with some kind of addiction, the first step is admitting that you know you have a problem.So good job sis on finding a way to release what’s bottled up inside you!!🙏🏻❤


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