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So I'm dressed and ready to face the epidemic and get it over with
It's on my street and everywhere else, it's not just a myth
Many humans of all races out there have it, now including me
I tried to avoid it but with my anger issues, it was meant to be
For it's hard 2 hide cus it's painted on our faces so easy 2 spot
You there ,yeah you driving under the speed limit, you make me hot
Hot, so heated but for what, can't control it so let it go
But I'm stuck on a 1-lane road & that BITCH still driving slow
I'll ride your bumper, yes I will, until you speed the fuck up
Then I'll come to my senses, back away, & relax YUP
Finally 2 lanes, I can angrily pound the gas pedal & speed past U
Son of a bitch, you fucker, forced to slam on the brake,
 that just turned ahead of me I spew*

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Calm down, do not let that sickness win, just don't
Ok,turn up that Whitney Houston, happiness is all I want
Why is this traffic light taking so long, 
that's a side street shit how long they need
Can't bare to be this ill anymore is what I always plead
Say, why won't you stay in your lane you incompetent fool,
gotta speed past you so get out of my way
The epidemic is road rage, spit it out into a bird's mouth
and watch it fly away...

*Spew means to cast forth, gush, or eject, as in disgust

or anger according to the dictionary by the way.


  1. That’s deep and oh so real,glad you realize you know you can’t control that feeling of rage,just take a deep breath and say time is on my side ,besides my sister is that slow bitch that dont like to speed up🤗


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