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How and why does this demon cause so much pain
Some supernatural force, unseen, invading my brain
Once it enters, it stays, gets comfy and refuses to exit
Causes me to react 2 every little thing negatively without any quit
Makes me frown, raises my blood pressure, and unable to sleep
I want to choke, kick, and stab those that cause it to get more deep
Deep into my soul making me ache everywhere
So much pain, 1 pill, 2 pills, flush it out with some vodka because I can’t bare
Stop making me throw shit, kick shit, punch shit
It ain’t worth the pain and guilt it causes not even a little bit
You bring nothing but negative energy and stress
That’s the point, I mean the very reason it exist I guess
Fuck that, up goes my shield, for you are no longer any use
I let you come and go with such ease, so let’s call a truce
I’ll think positive, breathe, exhale, cannot, will not quiver
It’s called Anger, throw that Bitch in the river

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