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I do this when I sleep 5 or more hours straight & wake up with 1/2 
the bed still neat
When my eggs are perfectly scrambled & my coffee is just right
-not 2 sweet
Yes, I try 2 do it often, for it is indeed relaxing
but some days are long, stressful, boring, & quite taxing*
Of course I do it when I'm listening 2 music by Whitney, Mariah, 
or Toni
At the same time chilllin' playing cards with my crony*
I'll do it during some real good sex cus he smells good, 
feels good, 
& that stroke is oh so good
After all, it should come without force after some really 
good wood*
An actual medium-well steak, yams, & broccoli will 
bring it out 4 sure
My mouth will water b4 & during, Yes my appetite 
will obviously cure
So, I need this in my life remaining a constant
It is a smile, it's simple right? I'll precede it with a chant:) 

*Taxing means wearingly burdensome per the online dictionary.

*Crony means a close friend or companion.

*Wood, in this instance, is referred to an erect penis per the urban dictionary.


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