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  1. a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.

Oh to give or receive inspiration??? Which are you? I like both to be honest but nothing like self-motivation. Inspire to be great w/o hate never late with only positive reaction no traction or negativity creating & passing on positive activity. Influence others with a simple gesture, such as a smile, will go a mile all the while brightening someone’s day. Breathe, receive kindness blocking all haters praising traitors, for everyone has an opinion. Inspire to live life woke even though you’re broke, and life’s not a joke, into that tub of happiness I will soak. Inspire to pay-it-forward leaping toward the bigger picture. Inspire to help or be nice to a stranger, for there is no danger in a kind word or two. Word of the day, word of the week, word of life should be INSPIRE…..

Iinfluence or get influenced

Nnever say never and try something new

Sspeak your mind, life is short

Ppace yourself, every step in life is not a race

Iinclude family, they matter

RRejoice in every moment/second of happiness

Eeducate yourself on everything that interest you


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