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forgive me for my many sins especially the ones beyond my control hiding in the bins in the closet underneath my thick skin covering them up with a grin oh how painful is that smile Jesus number I try to dial but no answer shit sins eating my insides like cancer so here we go….

FORGIVE me for my temper, this raging anger and frustration leaves me fighting buildups

FORGIVE me for judging others like I’m perfect for my life has had and still has many hiccups

FORGIVE me for my vices(drinking and one-night stands) they bring me no pleasure in the end

FORGIVE me for hate running through my veins LOVE is so much easier to send

FORGIVE me for not pursuing my purpose, living life, and leading by example any good I’ve done thus far is just a small sample of something bigger with my hand on the trigger portraying a new vigor

…and now I’ll forgive myself for merely existing in life resisting success insisting on dullness & boredom, I’m oh so woke now so watch out for the brand new me👼🏾


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