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We all have it, yet very few use it even the book-smart college bound folk forget
Do we really have to be raised that way to use this very important practical manner
I hate how much it bothers me, try to ignore but my frustration reads on my face like a huge banner
For GOD sake people, use your better judgement...can't be that dam hard to tell what's rude
ex....rushing past me as I walk making contact, for that's a potential feud..."Excuse me" is in order BEFORE you make contact, not after, you ignorant fuck
Get off my heels bitch & out of my personal space as I wait in line
Stop screaming across the room you dumb troll, walk your lazy ass to the person you're talking to
Why is your phone on speaker in public? I don't wanna hear your ghetto ass conversation...we need to come together and show appreciation for one another as a mothafuckin' nation
Hold doors, say thank you, smile & greet one another in the moment RIGHT NOW
If we can just be polite, considerate, aware, & friendly-you already know how---follow Nike's slogan and JUST DO IT 
This includes the elimination of road rage, somewhere I definitely need to improve
Safely pass, stay off my bumper, let others yield shit slow down or into the other lane you move
It's the USA, we are all free
Free to choose happiness, to bless others, not hate
Life for sure as we all know is too short, so start now before it's too lateπŸ™ŒπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

One thought on “BE COMMON

  1. Oh I wish folks would use manners ,its like the shit doesn’t exist anymore!!! Common courtesy goes a very long wayπŸ’•


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