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What’s it for? WHY AM I HERE? What kind of hopeful future is near? Can I really truly and confidently be sincere? I feel so blue and angry, yet relieved the end may be coming. I’m ready though, feenin’ with every tear. Feenin’ to go and leave this earth….Props to mom for giving birth, but shit, the agony & hell I put her through without worth….No real achievements to brag about…I’m lazily hiking through life up a steep ass hill with a deliberate doubt….Seeking regularly for a particular route… A route to happiness and forgiveness setting me free. Is there anyone out there for me? Anyone to be there, listen, understand, and see what I see? Anyone that feels me as we become us with very little plea? Someone to communicate, share, disagree with leading to you getting down on one knee anxious to make me yours forever… Sickness or health promising not to flee. NOPE, you don’t exist & I will always be sad… I hate everyone, Yes, ALL walks of life make me mad😡The day I die will for sure form my face glad..Life after death don’t seem so bad when you’ve walked a mile in my shoes. I have no purpose. I don’t choose to discover life and fantasize, wishing, & dreaming of the perfect lover…Out of body experience these days viewing the world as a spy trying not to hover… I’ll continue to exist, I suppose, with my bitter, empty, & hesitant soul I jab to cover…

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