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How can something done so often alone, in pairs, and in groups elude me?
I fancy watching others do it with the same intrigued grin on my face desiring to be that free
I crave that joy it brings regularly, so what's stopping me from joining that breathtaking crowd🤔
Just need to move without thinking- loosen my butt cheeks "LET LOOSE", I shout out loud
I fantasize doing it wearing those shoes with the metal plates on the bottom moving my feet swiftly, yet casually to the beat
I can picture me on stage prepping with confidence watching the audience take a seat
Most days I wanna freestyle & do the hood version of it crumping in my Nike flex shoes
Performing this act will get rid of my anxiety for sure as each stride gradually wipe out my blues
I'll execute it barefoot with composure holding my head high moving candidly-contemporary-expressing my current mood
Who me?🤩Take your hand? Yes handsome, lead the way and I'll follow. Now pull me close, closer dude
Let our bodies intertwine as we grind swaying our hips gazing in each others' eyes
Getting lost in the music while we passionately connect was no surprise
Unfortunately, it's all in my head visualizing me carry out each style of it like an expert
I frequently imagine me doing it stripper-style slightly teasing with a wink as I flirt
That thing called, dance-yes, I bow to all those who master it or do it on a whim
Perhaps I'm not happy enough seeing as though it is a joyous impression done to a hymn
Black people have rhythm my ass😄skipped me for some strange reason
I still love music & I'm 80% sure I'll release all my negative energy one day dancing and cheesing🎶🎶🎶💃

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Martha Graham

One thought on “BOB 2 DA BEAT

  1. Yassss you just have to let go and let the music just take over your body!!I dont know what I would do if I was ever to no longer be able to dance hopefully my foot will still be able to tap🤣


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