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What is this wonderful release I hear so much about
For I'm told it makes U shake, cry, scream, or shout
I hear it tightens yet unwinds your body at the same time
Setting free all your worries in that moment as U ignore the slime
Sure the aftermath may B filled with guilt
Because U know you'll immediately wash that quilt
But still 2 experience that joy if only 4 a second
How long 2 get there? What motion? I reckoned
I think about it often, size literally don't matter, just how hard
Start hard and stay hard filled w/energy poking the right card
Pound that spot, yup  right there, just DON'T STOP
Hit that doggy as I come closer 2 it , YES, let me on top
I'll keep that motion, so please don't let up at all
The fatigue is worth it, look at me...please let that D stall
FUCK YOU, glad U got yours 4 I was almost there
It's called an orgasm, I'll get it 1 day even if it kills me 
I muthafuckin swear!

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